EarthKind synthetic bedding is filled with recycled polyester hollowfibre. Warm yet light, this range provides superior all-night comfort thanks to the care and attention that goes into making it.

The fibres are carefully blended for the ultimate softness, and they’re also oriented and layered to produce millions of tiny pockets that create exceptional loft and a beautiful drape.

The end result? Our synthetic duvets and pillows will gently hug you into a deep and undisturbed sleep.

Did you know?

The polyester in our EarthKind duvets and pillows comes from recycled plastic bottles and clothing, re-using this valuable resource and helping to reduce the plastic pollution reaching landfill or entering watercourses and oceans.

These items are carefully sorted, before they are chipped into small flakes and washed. These flakes are then melted and spun back into brand new, clean, white polyester fibres that can be used to make hollowfibre filings or woven into fabrics.

We take these high-quality recycled materials to our factory, where our state-of-the-art duvet manufacturing combs and layers the hollowfibre into the very best soft, light and lofty fillings, covers it in supple soft touch recycled fabrics and finishes each duvet using a special threadless seaming technology for a neat and durable hem.

Our pillow production is equally sophisticated, spinning and turning the hollowfibre into small fluffy, soft and supportive clusters for pillows.

Last, and by no means least, each duvet and pillow is placed in a high-quality canvas bag for you to keep and re-use.