We believe that you should be able to sleep with a clear conscience. Textile waste – which includes bedding – is a major contributor to landfill, with the UK being amongst the four largest creators of this type of waste in Europe. We want to help change this.

As a society, we know that we need to stop throwing things away, recycle more, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and other precious, finite resources.

But in the case of bedding, this is easier said than done. There is currently little or no infrastructure in the UK for the responsible disposal of old duvets and pillows, which is why they end up in landfill. And to make matters worse, the waste products created in the manufacture of new bedding from new resources also go to landfill. It really is the worst of both worlds.

That's why with EarthKind we've developed a process for making luxury bedding that includes collecting used materials and recycling them into new, high-quality fillings which we then cover with ethically-sourced fabrics.

This means that, rather than going to landfill, these valuable resources are given a whole new lease of life.

100% recycled fillings

No matter which of our duvets or pillows is perfect for your bed, you'll be choosing a filling that's made up of 100% recycled material.

Our natural fillings range is created from luxuriously soft feather and down which we've transformed from pre-loved bedding into new filling.

Meanwhile, our synthetic range is created from used plastic bottles and fabrics which have been recycled into new bedding material that meets the highest quality standards.

Working towards Zero Waste

Both our natural and synthetic ranges are made at our family-owned bedding factory in Lancashire.

Our proprietary production processes allow us to reclaim valuable resources and then transform them into new bedding, with nothing going from our factory to landfill. We are very proud to have a Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification and a Zero Waste to Landfill accredetation