To create the world's best recycled and sustainably sourced bedding

At the heart of what we do is the desire to make it easier for people to choose recycled products. We believe that putting the planet first shouldn't mean having to settle for second best, and that the need to recycle and a quest for quality can go hand in hand. When it does, doing right isn't just an easy choice to make, it's the only one.

Recycling for bedtime, all the time.

By filling our EarthKind duvets and pillows only with quality reclaimed and recycled feather and down or polyester, we're working hard to do our bit to create hope for the future.

We're passionate about championing recycling in the bedding industry, and we're committed to leading the way whilst encouraging others to join us in doing what's right for the environment and our customers.

Being true to what we believe in

We've built our factory to not just save natural resources from landfill, but also to create zero landfill product during the manufacture of our bedding. This commitment to making our workplace as environmentally friendly as possible has seen us certified by both the Global Recycled Standard and Zero Waste to Landfill. But, whilst we're delighted to have achieved these distinctions, we know that we're still very much on a journey which is why we're always looking for new and better ways to work.

Neil McMillan