Made from recycled feathers and down in combination with ethically sourced fabrics, our naturals collection provides you with wonderfully soft and naturally breathable bedding which is warm and cosy too.

Effortlessly blending comfort, quality and durability, every product in the range is hand finished and rigorously quality checked to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

Our duvets are available in a range of thickness (tog) options which allows you to match not just the season but also your preference, for a cosy night's sleep that's just right for you.

Meanwhile our feather and down filled pillows are supportive, breathable and 'plumpable' to ensure perfect support. Together they promise you a relaxing night's sleep, so that when you rise in the morning – you shine too.

Did you know?

Feather and down is perfect for being recycled, because even though it looks light and fragile, it is in fact very strong and durable.

This in turn allows it to maintain its fantastic thermal properties once it's been through our recycling process, emerging just as soft and fluffy as it ever was.

The recycling process starts by us sourcing used duvets and pillows. These are then taken to our factory, where they're sorted and checked by hand. The feathers and down are then removed and washed until they're spotlessly clean.

The next stage is to heat treat the filling so that it's not just dry, but also sterilised. This process creates a new premium blend of filling that's every bit as luxurious as the original.

Next, it's over to our hand-finishing team. Skilled in their craft, they individually fill each duvet and pillow case, which are made from responsibly-sourced cotton.

The finished bedding is wonderfully soft, naturally breathable, warm and cosy. Last, and by no means least, we then place it in a high quality reusable canvas bag for you to keep.