How we recycle old resources into new duvets & pillows

We make EarthKind bedding in our specially-created bedding factory. Materials must go through a series of different stages with checks after each one to ensure the highest standards are met. This allows us to create luxurious duvets and pillows with zero waste going to landfill at any stage of production.

Creating our natural collection

Proud to Love

In the case of our natural collection, our recycling process sees materials travelling along the following steps...

  • Natural bedding saved from landfill is collected and brought to our factory
  • Everything that arrives is hand checked to ensure it can be recycled. Down and feathers are then removed and prepared for the next stage.
  • The collected feathers are thoroughly washed in our giant washing machine.
  • Now spotlessly clean, they're dried to a temperature that sterilises them.
  • The newly cleaned filling is sorted into premium blends and carefully checked that they're of the highest quality.
  • The new filling is hand finished with suitable cotton cases acquired through Better CottonTM
  • The final product is placed in reusable packaging. This is a canvas bag that we hope you'll cherish as much as your new EarthKind bedding.